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and water cannons to drive them back. secretary of state hillary clinton says the u.s. is closely watching the developments in yemen and across the region. >> we certainly hope and expect that there will be steps taken to avoid violence and prevent the escalation of protests into violence. >> protestors are back for a third day of riots in cairo, egypt where mass demonstrations are planned for tomorrow. all non-emergency personnel have been ordered out of libya. the pentagon has an additional warship off the libyan coast and a second one will arrive today. president obama spoke to the leaders from yemen and libya last night and asked for the assist en. today we learned one of the identity of the american security guards killed in libya. glen doherty was a private security guard and former navy s.e.a.l. nbc jim maceda is on the ground in cairo. there are calls there, so what's the mood there today? >> reporter: hi. well, those calls for mass protests come from none other than the president himself, mohamed morsi. however, in the same statement, in the same breath almost he demanded that the
on friday and tuesday riders stormed the consulate with rocket-propelled grenades. u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans were killed trying to get to safety. secretary of state hillary clinton pointed out some libyans did fight with the americans, led others to safety and carried the ambassador's body to the hospital. she, the president and mitt romney condemned the attacks strongly. >> this is an attack that should shock the conscience of people of all faiths around the world. this was an attack by a small and savage group, not the people or government of libya. but let me be clear. there is no justification for this. none. violence like this is no way to honor religion or faith. >> the world must stand together to unequivocally reject these brutdal acts. these four americans stood up for freedom and human dignity. we will not waiver in our commitment to see that justice is done for this terrible act and make no mistake. justice will be done. >> this attack on american individuals and embassies is outrageous. it's disgusting. it breaks the hearts of all of us. we canno
and secretary of state hillary clinton just attended the somber transfer of remains ceremony for u.s. ambassador chris stevens and the three other americans killed this week in libya. ♪ >> we welcome home for the final time, ambassador chris stevens, mr. sean smith, mr. glen doherty and mr. tyrone woods. >> to the families of our fallen colleagues, i offer our most heartfelt condolences and deepest gratitude. >> they didn't simply embrace the american ideal, they lived it. they embodied it. the courage. the hope. and yes, the idealism. that fundamental american belief that we can leave this world a little better than before. that's who they were. and that's who we are. >> four men are now under arrest for tuesday's deadly attack on the u.s. consulate. we'll get to what's happening in the middle east in a minute. first let's bring in former ambassador mark ginsberg who knew ambassador stevens we know the intelligence community is very small, so we're sorry for your life. >> thank you. the fact of the matter is the foreign service and all of us who have served in the past in the diplomatic servi
to respond to the 47% controversy and move forward from that. >> rachel, romney sounded much more moderate,s it the romney from '04 but it's not the guy running the whole time. isn't it a bit dangerous to change so drastically so late in the game. >> particularly when everyone is watching. he was speaking ate u nivision forum. obama talked about his support for a more limited version of the dream act. he has a huge advantage among this demographic. romney was trying to make up the ground. he moved to the right during the primary and had trouble repositioning himself so far during the general election. >> rachel, shanks so much for that perspective. >> thank you. >> up next, something you haven't seen on mitt's 47% comment, real time responses from actual voters. does it really matter to them? does it change the race? mr. stats, mr. kornacki, he has those answers and more as "the cycle" rolls on for thursday, september 20th. ♪ constipated? yeah. mm. some laxatives like dulcolax can cause cramps. but phillips' caplets don't. they have magnesium. for effective relief of occasional constipatio
's also a veteran. she's a retired u.s. air force kor nu colonel, the first to fly in combat. she sued the department of defense in 2001 for the military forcing her and other u.s. service women to wear the abiya in saudi arabia when she was off the base and won. really impressive woman. there are a number of veteran women on this list. >> isn't that interesting? >> they're running. is that a trend you're seeing, and do you think that the veteran aspects helps to neutralize other perceived weaknesses we were talking about that women face about not being able to be aggressive or taken seriously. >> it was one of the more interesting take-aways we got from looking at the roster of women candidates. so many were veterans. the biggest name at that comes mind is tammy duckworth. it changes the conversation in aprofound way. why? women candidates tend to be the candidates that voters, i think, expect to talk about education and jobs and health care. these are big ticket items for women voters. now you see a crop of women candidates come forward and say, i can talk about them co-gently, but i
people around the u.n. here in new york. inside the u.s. delegation boycotted the speech. the president said the timeline is not unlimited and israeli prime minister netyahu claims iran istthaym a nuclear bomb. others suggest iran is not even close. show of strength, the military unveiled a new drone this week which they claim can reach israeli and u.s. bases in the region. the u.s. warnedn the pt t loal o war benefits iran driving up oil prices and critics say the u.s. should take iran more seriously. well, with us now is msnbc contributor, an israeli journast. thank yofooi i st b tort of tonal shift in ahmadinejad's speech today. as we said, it was by his standards subdued and when we talk about the threat that iran represents to israel, it's represend thugh benjamin neahd speaks as an existential threat. i wonder from your experience and knowledge of the situation, what is the attitude in israel about iran? do every day israelis el the same way as netanyahu or opinions mix than that? ll oe israeli public opinion agrees with netanyahu but it's not enough. netanyahu doesn't want to att
. the coalition of governments is ing iran untae. 's t united states will do what they must to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. >> the president is taking an unconventional role in u.n. week, opting not to hold by lateral meetings. sil clinton's cking secretary calendar full of those meetings. meanwhile they're zeroing in where they called the recent events in the middle east bumps in the road i was pretty certain and contue to be pyer that there are going to be bumps in the road. >> iran is on the cusp of having a nuclear capability. we have tu malt in syria and also pakistan. i don't condehe bumps in the road. >> both men spoke at the clinton global initiative speaking out against forced labor and sex trafficking and romney laying out his plan for a pros pair path. lestarat tle so, steve, you have a theory for why foreign policy the talk of the town this week. >> well, because it's u.n. week. i mean that's the obvious. 'roi o on a limb here. >> i'm glad we built this up. i wouldn't be surprised if it's still something they're talking about after u.n. week and it strikes me that th
're in the cycle. good afternoon. i'm s.e. can cupp and we're caught in the charlotte's webb. >> i'm toure. michelle obama, second most popular political figure, i bet she is proud of america now. >> i'm crystal ball. our economy is at near historic lows. so will it matter as much this time around? >> i'm steve kornacki here in charlotte where the skies just opened up on us. forget healthcare and the budget. tonight we are getting to the real issue, which candidate is the best looking? >> that is my thoughts on sally fields and clint eastwood. it is september 4th and you're in the cycle. >>> dnc kicks off tonight in charlotte and the crowds are starting it file in. 35,000 delegates media and fans are expected to be there no rub elbows and give speeches. tonight, mayor villaraigosa, rahm emmanuel, harry reid, jimmy carter and lilly ledbetter. all leading up to keynote speaker julian castro and headliner michelle obama. more on them coming up. vice president biden is expected to be there thursday and the president later in the week. >> whatever i say here today, it's going to be at best, a d
by that assessment from u.s. ambassador to the u.n. susan rice, the protests at the benghazi were sfont nus. it's what happened during the protests in terms of attack on the u.s. consulaequenculate tha difference of opinion. libyans think it was a preplanned attack. it was a group of people that came into the country in the wake of revolution and exploited the security vacuum in the country and planned to carry out an attack on the diplomatic facility. something that happened previously over the past several months on other targets. the rest of the muslim world if you experience it is a more genuine anger towards the anti-islam film. here in libya the people have denounced actually the u.s. consulate attack. we haven't seen the type of protests taking place in other countries systemically in benghazi. since that deadly attack the people of libya particularly in benghazi distanced themselves from that deadly incident. they rejected it and stood in solidarity with ambassador stevens who gave his life in the conflict. people respected him very much. it's a slightly different situation, but on the
>>> i'm s.e. cupp. it's the sound bite haerld around the world. why mitt romney was right to own his hidden camera comments. >> i'm toure. regardless of whether you think the comments are right or wrong, they're all everybody is talking about today. can can mitt goit of his own before november 6th. >> i'm crystkrystal ball. how do they seize on anti-american anger and are we missing the bigger story here? >> we'll talk to a religious studies professor receiving threats herself after suggesting the filmmaker be arrested. >> all that and the discovery channel's mike rowe takes a braet from "dirty jobs" and pulls up a seat at bar. he's pulling up a seat at "the cycle" for tuesday, september 18th. caught on hidden camera. mitt romney standing by what he said at a private fund-raiser in may. those comments are no longer private. nbc news national investigative correspondent michael isokoff has the details. >> the video shows romney surrounded by donors in may. it was secretly recorded at a $50,000 per plate fund-raiser at a private home. asked how to convince voters to take care of th
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to be heard today. >> i'm s.e. cupp. fo years ago it was about the financial crisis. >> i'm toure, andneli esme y l hav a frank talk about vulnerability. i feel scared already. >> all that plus talk about putting yourself out there. i' show you the precise moment when mitt romney lost the presidential camcampaign, and i not what youk. re in "the cycle" for thursday, september 27th. >> for all you political and baseball fans out there who knkow the game is played eve ur h on "the cycle," i have news for you. it's raining. so we're in a delay until next thursday. the incumbent is leading into october in the debates. they're both in battleground virginia, my home state today. we'll have more later. r presidential football.'s te >> personal foul, number 93, red. >> the officls lost control of the philadelphia/baltimore game among others. >> yes, unless you areurie r ouwhefl has kicked the replacement refs to the curb. >> the packers playing at the goal line. as wilson scrambles t keep it alive. the game's final play is to the end neic fed tate with jennings simultaneous. who has it? who do the
alternative next and needing to farther to the right. i get the logic of it. i remember the 1990s with bill clinton. the republican party i think its opposition was as unyielding as the opposition and there was the midterm revolution and newt gingrich and all this stuff. when they lost to clinton in 1996 and an impeachment, they started to think differently. they came up with george w. bush in compassionate conservativism. the apeople was bush could be the republican clinton. he could be the compassionate guy who could sell a message. do you see a potential for that kind of re-evaluation among republicans if they lose this election where they think about electrici electability than they haven't at this point. >> a strategist loves-thet cals. i think it's too soon, and i don't think you can say what will happen in 2012. i remember when george w. bush came on the scene. it was because he started fund-raising and had a lot of money. the biggest concern when you look towards 2016 are the republicans are going to be concerned about hillary clinton and what she's going to do. you may see again a
candidate for the u.s. senate this year. this is a very important speech for her tonight because her campaign, to be honest with you, is not going the way she and democrats hoped it would. she has fallen behind scott brown in the race in massachusetts and needs a break-through moment tonight. that brings us to bill clinton. he will be the star tonight unquestionably delivering, this is the seventh consecutive national, democratic convention he will deliver a featured primetime address, the second time he will place a democrats name in.nomination. the first was michael dukakis. i'm kinds of amused because republicans are beginning their preemptive pushback against the clinton speech and it rests on the idea we like bill clinton. the 1990s were great and barack obama is nothing like bill clinton. i get a little smile on my face. it's almost like they didn't impeach the guy. why don't we get your thoughts up there on the big bill clinton speech tonight. >> i'm thinking about what is the it actual relationship between bill and barack. maureen dowd has an interesting thought in today's "n
you two things. over the '90s there was a decline in teenage pregnancy in the united states and a good institute did it. a quarter of the decline was caused by an increase in abstinence, teenagers were having less sex but three quarters of the decline was caused by a decrease in the use of contraceptions and using more effective contraceptive, so instead of condoms they were using the longer term birth control and that made a big difference. the other thing here is internationally even though we stheerch decline, the united states is still doing worse than most other countries in the developed world in terms of teenage pregnancies. as you can see on the chart, that is also because, number one, we're using less effective forms of birth control. that's like the primary reason. so providing access to birth control, providing the morning after pill, making it readily accessful, those are the best way to combat teen pregnancy and reduce poverty. >> do we make it available to teens who inevitably have sex and all mountainly do it without ruining their life and beinging families long before t
will tell looking at the polls. my read on this an s that the electorate is so divided and polarized you are unlikely to see it move a lot of voters but on the margins one way or the other. i wouldn't be surprised there's wavering conservatives in the country that thought that mitt romney was too weak and hearing him keeping this up trying to reframe his revealed comments, now talking stronger in terms of this particular issue and they're going to feel a little bit better for him and voters on margins not sure about him saying i don't know if i like him now. but i just think that we're not dealing with an electorate to be moved in a large sense. and i'd also say and again we'll find out if, you know, if this is true or not but most of the people that are a part of, you know, this -- whatever the percentage is that don't pay taxes and government benefits and whatever you want to call it, the truth is they all pay taxes in some sense whether they're paying payroll taxes or local property taxes and i found this over the years in talking to voters. they feel like they're paying way too much
criticism of his handling and his response to the attacks at u.s. embassies and consulates in egypt and libya. new poll numbers including those within nbc news show that mitt romney is increasingly trailing his opponent, barack obama. in the state of iowa that gap has swelled to 8 percentage points that romney is trailing barack obama. his own wife ann romney was there just yesterday. the 47% number, that secret videotape where that number was basically used now by the president and everybody else who has heard it to attack him as being out of touch and effectively writing off 47% of americans as victims and government dependents. toure. >> peter, no gambling tonight, okay. >> reporter: yeah, right. >> let's put this in the spin cycle. when romney releases tax returns and professor kornacki is digging through stuff and he sees he did something that disqualifies him for being president by his own standard. tell him. >> we have a trademark made for only mitt romney moments. we've had a few in this campaign, and this is one of them. earlier in year when he came under pressure to put ou
to dissect two of the country's most misunderstood voting blocs. nascar fans and sportsmen, s.e. is a sportswoman. you have info. i want to hear it. >> there are misconceptions about sportsmen, hunters and anglers, blood-thirsty hicks that pull the lever. this is a voting bloc democrats shouldn't take for granted because they're incredibly interested in conservation. an interesting poll from the national wildlife federation found among hunters and anglers 47%, almost half value conservation issues as the same level of importance as gun rights. you can believe 13% put gun rights below conservation efforts. hunters and fishers are land conservationists, they want sustainable waterways and populations protected. it's an interesting sort of breakdown if democrats wanted to look at sportsmen. the other group, nascar voters, i wrote a the lot about them in 2008. they're actually not as poll larized and republican as you think. in 2008 when i was doing research, they positive broke down at 35% republican, 28% democrat, 40% women and 20% minorities. actually, we have some recent data
obama's re-elected that. s will start cooperates and working with him. i talked to a few today. they're not so certain. the one thing that's true is right off the bat if the president is re-elected, there's a lot of serious issues on his plate. the bush tax cuts, the debt limit will come back up in 2013. they will be forced to work together no matter who wins the presidency. all that being said, though, the thing that i found very interesting since the republicans came into power in the house in 2010 has been the lack of communication between speaker boehner, president obama, cantor, biden. they've had some conversations, but obama doesn't call boehner regularly. they don't socialize. they had that golf meeting. they tried to get the debt deal together. that sort of went away. i suspect if you have a president obama getting re-elected, you will see a lbj-style sort of trying to work the other side, work from congress. if there's anything he could have learned from the mistakes of his first term, that would be it. but this idea that republicans are go sing, that's not going to happen.
and make the args umt that s.e. cupp wants to here. now he goes in a different drekdz. in the medicare debate they seemed unprepared to answer the questions. they signaled, no, we're going to make the hard choices and talk the tough talk about medicare and we need to reform entitlements. within the week they were attacking the president for being the one slashing medicare. remember, mitt romney got on his whiteboard and wrote solve it on it and that would solve the problem. last week in the 47% debate, there was a doubling down reiterating the point and saying that's what i meant to say. there was walking back i'm the candidate for 100. if you're a romney ally it's hard to back it up when you have no idea what direction they're heading. it's random. >> it's funny you said you have a fever, and fever is solved by paul ryan. what i rote down in preparation for this is not too little ryan. that sounds like too little cow bell. >> yes, i want more cow bell. >> cow bell is not the problem with this. kind of what you're talking about is you want more conservativism out of the ticket. i hear
. >> college graduates shouldn't have to live out their 20s in their childhood bedrooms staring up at fading obama posters and wondering when they can move out and get going with life. >> president obama began his presidency with an apology to america he said it dictated to other nation. no, mr. president, america has freed other nations from dictators. >> if you believe in a country where everyone gets a fair shot and everyone does their fair share and everyone plays by the same rules, then i need you to vote this november. >> the conventions are over. millions watched. millions were spent and promises were made. did it change anything? michael crowley, senior correspondent from "time" magazine. i think the democrats had the better convention and made a compelling case, but will it ever better or will there be any bounce at all? what do we have in sfor? >> i'm not sure there will be a significant bounce. the electorate is divided as you know, and the pool of persuadable vote sers is tiny. it's hard to know how people are processing these conventions from their living rooms around the countr
wizards and not kings. >> that's complete baloney how bill clinton worked his will. in the 1990s he got his budget through on a tiebreaker vote in the senate with no republican help in 1993. he had a showdown with republicans in 1995. he didn't get his way on that. there were a few modest compromises in the second half of the administration. if he worked his will, health care reform would have been done under bill clinton. >> how does bob woodward get interviews anymore? i said yesterday i said all the president's men is one of my best movies. if he's walking toward you, you're running away. the access he gets when clearly it's going to demolish you. >> if they have this quote-unquote neutral observer in the room, then their version of the story, the true version is really going to come out. >> they want the chance to shape i history, right? everybody wants to be famous. >> good thing the book is so boring no one will read it. >> the krystal ball review. up next a book that politico calls "moneyball" for politics. a book we loved, the secret science of winning campaigns. which president
Search Results 0 to 37 of about 38 (some duplicates have been removed)